You have decided to join the new wave of sellers who are choosing to offer their products to new customers in a new way. We thrive to offer our Marketplace shoppers a wide variety of goods, from all aspects of online retail entrepreneurship. Your goal, and now collectively our goal, is to offer awesome, unique, new products at great prices.

This page contains an overview of information that will help you become successful in doing business with HBBMarketplace.

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We are not re-inventing the wheel of “online retail”.  Nonetheless, we have created our adaptation of a well-oiled wheel that has a proven track record of success. By Joining HBBMARKETPLACE, You’ve decided to take the journey with us.  We’re glad you’ve come to join us on this ride to success.  All aboard!!

Why Join HBBMarketplace?

For starters, creating your online store with HBBMarketplace is a great way to earn passive income, and because we’re heavily promoting the marketplace – you win!  We are fast-tracking our marketing initiatives to grow our business by 50% year over year.  What does this mean for you? In our business plan, we’re taking the financial model of reinvesting our earnings back into the company towards Marketing, Information Technology and Security Technology, Business Development for expansion into more regions for broader reach, and Transactional Technology to support our projected sales forecasts.  We offer to our Sellers at no added cost: advanced transaction processing, inventory tracking, customer metrics, Seller support within 24-hours, competitive sales reports to help you stay focused on your growth.  You’ve decided to join HBBMarketplace at the right time to take advantage of our growth.

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Getting Started

If you are New to HBBMarketplace (without an existing account) you will click on a Start Selling Now button, or Become A Seller link; Click Register and select “I am a Vendor” (below the password field), then proceed to complete the required information. If you are a Returning HBBMarketplace account holder (with a customer login), you must sign out of your customer account, go to the Login/Register screen, select Register (again). This time, use a separate business email address, then select “I am a Vendor” (below the password field); complete the remaining required information. It’s that simple. We offer one selling plan with the option to become a “Feature Seller”.  Our selling fees are as low as $0.20 per sale (for Feature Sellers), while our Feature Sellers fees are only $9.99 per month. Both with unlimited sales caps.

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HBBMarketplace Advantages

There are many advantages to joining HBBMarketplace. This is one of the few times where “No” has never been sweeter. Here are five benefits that are on the surface:

1) NO Out-of-Pocket Startup Costs, because zero dollars are required to enroll in our seller program. This allows you, the Seller, to spend your money on investing into your inventory or elsewhere (yourself).

2) NO Inventory Level Requirements, so whether you have one product or 1000 products – it’s up to you on how big or how small you want your business to be. We do recommend that you strongly consider adding more than one product, but that decision is solely up to you. 

3) NO Volume Quotas, this means no pressure from us on you to meet rigorous sales quotas and benchmarks. However, we will provide coaching to help you maximize your selling potential with us, but we will not cancel your account if your items don’t sell in a specified timeframe.

4) NO business license is required, but we highly recommend that you become a licensed business owner if you are really serious about growing your business into a lucrative source of income.  There are other benefits to having a business license beyond the peripheries of our marketplace. Visit for more insights on building and growing your business.

What’s more, HBBMarketplace is able to keep our prices low because we don’t handle shipping logistics.  Why is this a benefit you ask?  The answer is simple…

5) NO Shipping Fees to HBBMarketplace. We have removed ourselves from the logistics process. By doing so, we’ve handed the full control of the shipping options to the seller and the seller’s suppliers. We will support the Seller in finding the lowest possible shipping mediums. We can help you delegate the logistics of your orders to your suppliers.  In most cases, they have the volume to earn huge discounts to dropship your products to your customers’ front door.

Most suppliers will work with you to use your packaging. Removing ourselves from the shipping equation allows us to lessen the costs passed on to our Sellers and ultimately, our shared customers.  Even still, we are currently considering contracts with two international logistics providers to explore the options of contracted delivery options and discounted fees for our Sellers, potential volume discounts, and added savings to you.

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HBBMarketplace Resources

Once you become a Seller on, we will expose you to a plethora of go-to business resources to help you grow your business.  We’ll provide you with expanded resources like: supplier lists, packaging and material options, live agent support (not automated auto-responders).  We fully support our Sellers with a host of options.  To this, we’re always listening to our Seller’s feedback and looking for ways to improve our Marketplace relationships.

Listing your products.  Listing your products is quick and easy once you become familiar with listing the essential information of the products.  Essential information is information that must go into each and every item in order to track your sales orders and product inventory.  The information may seem tedious, but is necessary for you to have successful transactions almost 99% of the time.  We’re not saying that you won’t encounter occasional hiccups in your transactions, but you will lessen your headaches if you will follow the simple guidelines of our listing requirements.  On the surface, this information consists of: Having a Product Name, Product Description, Tag words, Product Images, Attributes (i.e.: Size options, color options, pattern options, etcetera). Not only will having this information support your item being searchable and found by shoppers, but it will help you to stay organized with your customers’ demands on your inventory.  Visit our Product Listing Policy for more details on the listing requirements which include the approved and prohibited/restricted items.

Competition is healthy.  Every now and then we might encounter a duplication of the same item.  In these cases, it is up to the Seller to be creative and competitive to rise above the pack.  This is when the idea of becoming a “Feature Seller” might appeal to you.  We do not restrict duplications of items. In fact, we encourage it because it drives better pricing options and better service for our customers.  Allowing multiple sellers to list the same or similar products encourages our sellers to find creative new ways to promote their product beyond the marketplace.  This means offering promotions, discounts, or buyer incentives to your social media audience, engaging affiliates, and sharing your information with everyone to support the exposure and sale of your products.  Our service team can help you become creative with selling.

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Delivering products to your Customers. We encourage our sellers to keep a tight shipping schedule to set good expectations for your store.  We also urge our sellers to always adhere to the customers’ requests for the selected shipping methods and timeframes. Missing the customers expected delivery date doesn’t only mean disappointment for “Jaylen”, who didn’t receive a birthday gift on time, but it will have a negative or damaging impact on your business’ reputation for on-time delivery of packages. If you need support with setting realistic shipping parameters for your customers, you may contact our service team at for support, or you may visit or for direct contact about shipping information.

Time to show the world what you have in store. Now that you’ve decided to join us as a Seller, read our Terms and Conditions and our Product Listing Policy. You’re now ready to get started.  Here are a few extra tips to help you become more successful.

Be Competitive. Setting a price to earn a profit is one thing, but setting a price to attract repeat customers is something different. In some cases, you can have it both ways, but in others, you must be competitive. Shoppers today always look for the best bargains, so be sure to make your products shine by pricing them accurately with the market demands.

Be responsive. Don’t vanish after a sell. Review your process and find ways to improve it, each and every time. 

Stay informed. We will communicate information regularly to our sellers, but your education doesn’t stop there, there is a wealth of retail articles on the internet to help you stay current in todays trends, and what sells and what doesn’t.

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Rise to the Occasion. The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” still stands true. Use multiple clear pictures of different poses and angles of your products to show it off, and create an accurate description of your product to really highlight the features, and capture the attention of the shoppers.

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Reach for more. Listen to your customers online and off; hear what they’re asking for and find ways to add those items to your product line. This will create organic growth for your brand in the marketplace.

Tell the world. Joining HBBMarketplace is a great start to expose your brand to the world, but the announcement shouldn’t stop there. Post your brand on social media, create a blog about your business and blog about the products in your business.

You’re ready to get started!

You got this! 
You can do it!

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