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We empower buyers and sellers by creating an equitable online retail experience for all.

HBBMarketplace believes that shoppers are entitled to an extraordinary online shopping experience; in parallel to every business owner’s entitlement to an extraordinary selling experience. 

Our mission is to provide an engaging online retail marketplace for consumers to explore the offerings of independent distributors of the direct sales industry, online retail entrepreneurs and small business owners.  HBBMarketplace is a new source for great products, vast unique selections and great new opportunities for small businesses.  Our aim is to expose consumers to the new and exciting merchants, products, services, and opportunities that are next to impossible to discover without a connection.  We are proud to introduce ourselves as your connection to a new world of direct sales shopping; where we champion the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone.

The organization was founded in 2013 when a discovery was made – the eCommerce space was lacking retail space where the goods and services of independent distributors of direct sales businesses and small businesses could be consumed. We aim to provide a space where consumers may safely navigate the entrepreneurial marketplace after COVID-19. Since its establishment in 2013, HBBMarketplace has filled that niche with a broad range of business solutions and information.  We have captured the essence of “A-Z’s” and “Wally’s” online retail model, and we deliver it in a fresh, new way to you.



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Discover HBBMarketplace’s Journey

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March 2013
Launched as an online outlet for classifieds and advertisement by German Murray in United States.
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May 2015
Gained attention from major online influencers
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December 2016
HBBMarketplace launched its affiliate program
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June 2018
Gets revamped with a new platform and upgraded systems with enhanced processing and analytics.
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September 2020
Partnered with a major social media influencer for targeted commercials.
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July 2021
Gets rebranded as online retail marketplace for independent distributors and small business owners.


Industry peers and influencers recognize HBBMarketplace as an online retailer to watch; as a company on the rise, gaining market-share and traction based on customer and affiliate feedback.

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